The Kierinki Country Fair 2. - 4.9.2016

Storage sheds are full of treasures and this years growth. From many stands one will find Lappish delicacies, handicrafts, tools and machinery. Army equipment and bigger machinery will be shown in different locations along the main road, in the yard of the grocery store, the Hietala Estate and the community centre. In addition, there is a livestock exhibition.
The local hunting clubs will arrange different competition related to hunting and at the Kumpula river side estate a chainsaw competition challenges to a race. By the river lean-to the sausages are fried and coffee cooked on open fire and a river raft restaurant sails along the river.

During the fair there will be several coffee stands and cafeterias offering delicious lunch and snacks. Country fair visitors can take a horse and wagon ride from exhibit to exhibit.

There is no entrance fee gathered than a small fee of 2 €/car for parking. Sellers pay 40 €/weekend for their stand. The one-time events such as the karaoke dance, the orchestra dance and the play charge an admission.

On Sunday the Sodankylä parish arranges a service at the Kierinki chapel.

Check the updated programme and timetable at this website or or Fb: Kierinki Village

Reservations for sale stands:

Airi Kangas +358 (0)40 823 9291
Indoor and outdoor stands at the Community centre of Village Association Risto Niemi Risto Niemi +358 (0)400 193 147

Accommodation booking:

Apartments, cottages, caravan camp-site and tent village:
Kieringin Kauppa&Kahvila +358 (0)40 809 1610


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