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There are 120 inhabitants in Kierinki. In the village there are many holiday homes and depending on the time of the year, the number of people varies noticeably. In spite of its size, Kierinki is a very active village. Several events are organized yearly and free-time activities include everything from volleyball, cross-country skiing, hiking, hunting to fishing and snowmobiling.


Kierinki is situated in central Lapland, 65 kilometres South-West of Sodankylä. The nearest town, Rovaniemi, is 111 south and the nearest airport is located 90 kilometres away in Kittilä. A map link is found on our contact page.

Special features

The buildings in Kierinki invariably differ from other conventional villages in Lapland. The farmhouses are spacious, beautifully decorated and often painted in light shades. The uniformed building standards and location of the structures gives the village a well-balanced setting. Kierinki is one of the few Lappish villages to have avoided damage during the wars. Old and valuable building heritage has survived and can be admired throughout the village. Finland’s environmental administration has taken inventory and classified the village as a valuable national scenic area.

Heritage village

Kierinki has a long history of inhabitation. Farms were established in the early 1750’s, and before that, the area was inhabited by forest Sami. There are still buildings in the village that were mentioned in the surveyor’s report from the 19th century.

Farming, logging and reindeer husbandry are the main sources of livelihood. The village is very tradition bound. Handicrafts, woodcrafts, traditional food and a strong feeling of solidarity bring the village together. The village now offers services for visitors.

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